“Social progress through education and health.” With this constructive philosophy Om Gayatri Education and Charitable Trust is achieving the stepping stones since 11/06/2002 registered under PUBLIC TRUST ACT, with registration No.E-6107.

As a part of stepping stone trust was granted permissions from state and central government authorities to run BHMS degree course with attached 25 bedded homoeopathic & general hospitals to meet the objectives uder title of M.S.PathakHomoeopathic Medical College & Hospital.

Trust started college at center of city under presidentship of Mr.Mahendrabhai Pathak from June 2002 and continued for 3 years. Dr. R.J.S.Yadav substituted the progressing path when the founder trustee stroked with serious health problem. But unfortunately journey became without the presence of the engineer due to unexpected death of Dr. R.J.S.

That was the call for the new trustee who can carry the same vision and put the milestone in the education institute. Out of potential trustees, Mr. Dashrathbhai D. Patel showed his dynamism and powerful leadership to contribute in the education and health sector to make the growth of the institution.

The wide area is called “Pioneer Medical and Paramedical Institute and Research Centre.” Situated at Ajwa-Nimeta Road, Near N.H.-8 surrounded in Natural environment pollution free and peaceful atmosphere.

At present Pioneer Medical and Paramedical Institute and Research Centre includes,

A) Homoeopathic College
B) Pioneer Pharmacy College
C) Pioneer Physiotherapy College
D) New Life Hospital
E) Pioneer Girls Hostel.

The Governance :
The board of trustees consist President Mr. Dashrathbhai D.Patel the developer of National Milk Dairy Plants, Secretary Mr. Mahendrabhai B. Patel NRI Business man and Treasurer Mr. Dharmeshbhai. D. Patel. Proprietor of M/S. NEW ARBUDA BUILDERS, Ahmedabad. There are other 9 trustees under the board of trustees. Trustee group also includes NRIs who are always ready to share their contribution in the process of development of an institute.

And the journey began under the Presidentship of Mr. Dashrathbhai D. Patel from 10/01/2006. The immediate constructive implementation by Mr. Dashrathbhai D. Patel was provision of the huge, advanced infrastructure for the students perusing their study under the title of M.S.Pathak Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital. Purchase of Own Land about 32 acres on very first stage shows his wide vision for the development.

Administration committee consists of the Director, Chief Executive Officer, Administration Head, Chief Development Officer and the head of all the wings running under the trust.

Vision and Mission statement :
“Creation of best teaching- serving module in the field of education and health.”

Objective of the Trust :
1. To provide excellent education in all the fields under operation and enhance the field of education.
2.To produce the medical and paramedical professionals with knowledge, creativity, vision and skills for achieving their life goals.
3. To provide education in holistic way inclusion of social and cultural values for the growth of an individual, as a part of the society.
4. To provide an opportunity to the medical students for enhancing their practical exposure of learning through internship programme in the hospital.
5.  To serve health care services in such a way that the under privileged section of the society can get benefit of advance health care services.