• To help students acquire knowledge of theory and principles of nursing and allied subjects in the delivery of comprehensive nursing practice.
  • To provide quality care to clients at various settings such as hospital, community and other health care agencies based on problem solving approach and evidence based care.
  • To promote overall development of nursing students with special emphasis on cultural, intellectual, psychosocial and spiritual aspects.
  • To help students to practice ethical values in their personal and professional life.
  • To prepare students to assume leadership positions in nursing service, education and administration with high level of professional knowledge and competency.

Short term objectives

  • To initiate student centered learning
  • To initiate career advancement training programs for nurses
  • To develop online feedback mechanisms- by the year 2014
  • To set up MIS in all processes involved in teaching learning
  • To set up modern simulation labs for skill training
  • To develop online learning resources (textbooks/AV aids, modules, videos)
  • To train teachers in mentoring students

Long term objectives

  • To start collaborative programs with premier institutions
  • To start interdisciplinary courses
  • To start the management training program for clinical nurses.
  • To start student /faculty exchange program