Welcome to Pioneer Nursing College

It is a matter of great pride for all of us that Pioneer Nursing college in to existence merely three years ago in 2012, with a philosophy of “service to the sufferers is supreme”. I got an opportunity to give my heart and soul for the neophytes entering in this profession by being the first principal of this esteemed institution.

The nursing profession is a fine example of national integrity as nurses serve humanity without any sort of prejudice of caste, colour, creed, religion or language. The concept of nursing has diversified over the years and it is no longer confined to the hospitals and patient care only. Today, nurses are the sheet anchor of the health care delivery system, thereby play a vital role in promotion of health.

That is why nurses need to be highly knowledgeable and skillful which can be attained only through education. Education is the way of life; it is the power of that expression which will give strength and ability to the students to grow. Therefore, it is my earnest desire to see the graduates passing out from this institution go around the nation and the globe, and thus present themselves with pride and honour as trained professionals of this unique Pragmatic Institution.

Therefore the ultimate goal of this institution is to prepare skilful nurses who will be physically, mentally, socially and spiritually balanced and competent enough to provide holistic care. And with the hope of achieving the above stated goal, I joined this institution to contribute my share of work towards the society.

The College is having about 100% Results since Last 7 Yrs, and in this top 10 students in university placed by our students only in every year

. The Highlighting Feature of this Institute is (1) Discipline (2) Strick Students Attendance (3) Teaching of Moral Characters (4) Latest Audio-Visual Mode of Teaching and (5) Completion of Syllabus with Extra Lecture.

Extra Curricular Activities like Sports Week, Materia Medica Poster Competition,

Annual Function Celebration, Quiz, Debate Competition are Arranged Regularly, Pharmacy Educational Tour etc.

All Staff Members teaching and Non-Teaching are Conceded as a Family Members.

Each and Every Departments of the College are Fully Versed with Basic as Well as Latest Equipments, Models, Charts, Specimens etc.

We are toying to Make these Institute as an Model Institute of Homoeopathy in Aspect in 21st Century.